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We are focused and target-oriented on defining an impact vision and a plan to get you there.



We adopt problem-solving art and science and generate lovely and impressive experiences.



Our talented team gives life to thoughts from the front end to the back end and all in between.



The solid protocol we follow on time execution guarantees customer satisfaction and service.


Magenta iT Solutions

Magenta IT Solutions is a Website Designing in hubli, Website Hosting in hubli, software consulting,  product development & Server Provider company based in Hubli, Karnataka.  We specialize in delivering solutions and products in Business Process Automation, customized Application Development , Web Application, Mobile Apps & Digital Marketing & Dedicated Servers, vps, cloud servers, shared hosting with success of delivering a high standard of service.


We have in-depth understanding of business needs and the IT challenges affecting our clients and we provide ourselves on providing cost-effective and perfectly tailored solutions that consider your wider business requirements. With a focus on upfront, in depth analysis of your requirements, our focus to provide sustainable and strategic, solutions, in a timely and flexible way.


Best Workplace

The successful organizations have learned the art of creating an atmosphere conducive to the work of employees. They are looking forward to coming to work and loving it.


Professional Team

Our employees are unique, authentic and comfortable around individuals. This culture makes us look professional as no one is inferior or superior.

Everything is Documented

Requirements can start as a sentence or one-sentence description of what the application needs or needs to allow consumers to do but will become more comprehensive as you move through the process. Collecting requirements can be complicated, but they help guarantee the achievement of the project.

Flexibility at the work

A flexible arrangement needs staff to be at job for a defined key period, but otherwise allows them to arrange their own hours. Staggered hour agreements allow staff at separate times to begin and finish work – this is very common. It can assist decrease the turnover of employees and boost the moral and engagement of employees.

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Making it clear & simple

The user interface (UI) is everything designed into an information device with which a person may interact. This may include screens for display,  visualization and screen appearance are few to mention. These all things are very important as they play vital roles in the user experience.

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Many people one solution

Brainstorming is a problem-solving group technique that includes creative thoughts and solutions contributing spontaneously. This method needs extensive, free-wheeling debate in which each group member is encouraged to think aloud and propose as many thoughts as possible based on their varied understanding.

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Art is everything

Creating stunning material that speak about the requirement and essentially of the piece. Defining and giving the meaning to potential audience, which in return boosts your business growth. Creating such piece of art is the norm in Magenta iT. Stay connected with us for more,

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All about the time

Poor on-time delivery (OTD) performance has more impact than clients-it’s generally an indicator of bad manufacturing effectiveness and processing of products. Consistent on-time shipping problems can cause problems that influence many others. Magenta iT is extremely good at on time delivery with proven track record.

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The perfect documentation of the requirement and the future scope makes the final product robust.

Flexi Hours

Flexible hours relates to any sort of work design that differs from your current one.


Making a presentable interface or media is very important as user experience matters.

Brain Stroming

People group come up with questions, more the questions we have, more improvisation we do.


Letting the work speak and convey the message without being told, Creativity at the peak.

On time Completion

The importance of the product or service at the right time is very important. Assured on time delivery.

Dive into the full fledged technical support

Magenta iT Solution is the best start for your business’s technological needs

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