Tally Based

Virtual Machine

Using contemporary technology such as virtual machines can offer you a package of intelligent alternatives with the effective features of tally software. Using Tally Based VM, you can always run your tally from any computer using any OS from anywhere. Tally VM eliminates Tally hardware setup as our cloud servers manage your tally account nearly.

We are recognized as cloud experts and we guarantee top-quality cloud tally efficiency. With the assistance of our Tally-based VM, we take maximum security steps to handle all of your data management. In periodic intervals, we track and analyze the VMware platform to ensure that all virtual machines operate effectively.

Reliable Equipment

Reliable and productive equipment from Cisco, Dell, ServerStack and ASUS are the foundations of our virtualization platform. Your dedicated Tally VDS / VPS server will be component of a fault-tolerant infrastructure constructed by our skilled technicians with multiple high-speed communication channels linked to the Internet


Real-time monitoring and evaluation instruments for the VMware platform monitor the status of each of the MAGENTA iT Solutions virtual machines in the cloud. If a cluster server fails or stops, the virtual machines start with a minimum delay automatically on the other node, after which your VDS / VPS returns to the “online” state.

Data Center

MAGENTA iT Solutions. cloud equipment, on which customer VDS / VPS servers work, is situated in India’s finest data centers, we have 3 data centers that fulfill rigorous Tier IV requirements, providing full redundancy of climate systems, energy facilities and communication channels.


The user can automate activities to handle their own cloud infrastructure using the REST API program interface, including virtual machines, networks and data storage.

Dedicated IP

A static external IP address is assigned to each VDS / VPS server ; this is a free option for accessing the server from the outside. If the client does not have one address, extra addresses may be received.

No Overpayment

The billing system scrutinizes the leased Magenta iT Solutions VDS / VPS servers of the user every 10 minutes and writes off the monthly payment for the funds actually consumed. This kind of payment system makes hosting flexible and cheap because if VDS / VPS is stopped.