Cloud Technology

Tally being the most widely used accounting and auditing software can now be used with cloud technology nearly. Yes, you can use the famous cloud infrastructure to tally and virtually use one virtual server to account for your multiple tally accounts. Now you’re not going to have to perform any regular maintenance as our team can keep your tally with minimal likelihood of any failure. With data security, we are certain and give periodic backups and data protection instruments for our plans. After necessary testing, we have our facilities in operation and guarantee that we deliver the best of our services. You’d experience zero latency and lags with your tally running in complete flow with our high-speed facilities. First you can also have a free trial and then confirm it. You get at your doorstep the latest versions of tally software without any hardware or storage device being installed.

Tally on Cloud Solutions

READ-WRITE-On – the-go SAVE! Fully automated Magenta iT Solutions Tally ERP on Cloud Solutions will assist you with EDIT. SHARE. SAVE. Protect all of your information even if you’re not in the office. Experience the innovative cloud technology and The Tally at a very inexpensive cost together today. Easy access to all files and records that have been saved. Anywhere Now-Pay Later! Free Demo Anytime!

Suitable for you

MAGENTA iT Solutions -give an extra securities layer, hosting your information in a Tire IV data center setting on all quick processing servers. Seamlessly running all of your programs, files, syncs, and migrations. Providing easy upgrade, 24 x 7 chat, phone or email proactive support at no additional cost. Supported multiple protocols — RDP, JAVA, HTML5 — any device or OS.


Your information is the most precious asset for you, and we focus on this issue to ensure maximum security, ensuring that each instance has its own virtual machine and ensuring that no other device can be accessed from anywhere else.


We enable our customers to secure and back up their information by supporting their local drives as well as enabling maximum control of their local drives, enabling files to be efficiently transferred from the desktop and cloud.


We deliver flexible and adaptable cloud plans to suit your company needs along with various advantages to make it effective and lucrative for your functions. You will be paying for modules that you require, so you only pay for what you use.

Remote Performance

We deliver effectively optimized and systematic remote performance that keeps you active even when your Internet connectivity allows you to downgrade.

Local Disk

We know your adaptation needs and frame our cloud services tally according to your needs by offering the servers with customization.


We guarantee maximum reliability for each of our customers and make use of our cloud services tally whenever any need or problems arise.