User Based Cloud

User Based Tally or Tally SaaS Service

At MAGENTA iT Solutions, we offer appealing Tally solutions for all kinds of Tally customers, whether you are a Small – Medium Enterprise or a Multinational Organization, we serve all sectors that use Tally for their accounting management, inventory management, statutory and tax compliance, GST returns, or any kind of cloud execution tally. Flexibility and reliability are the main features.

Tally on Cloud Take Away/Ready Made Solution

You won’t need to take care of the infrastructure by creating Tally SaaS schemes based on MAGENTA iT solutions. We take care of all this by arranging Tally’s high-quality technical assistance on 24/7 mode cloud applications. Furthermore, the company’s experts are willing to help you set up your data migration, SaaS platforms, Tally implementation and integration ; it’s a quick launch thing.


Remotely operated, up to 10,000 instances of Concurrent Users at any time – anywhere on a centralized information system.


The use of software for accounting and data processing.


Effective Data Protection Technologies and Free Daily Backup.


Cloud solutions for the public, private and hybrid.

Virtual Machine

The ability to deploy virtual machines from a different perspective based on servers in them.

Office Automation

Free MS office programs built in.

Safety from Virus

Remote printing, enabled RDC, anti-virus.


Chat, phone, and email support free of charge.


Reports on demand for resource usage.


Security of the firewall.


Features of Our SaaS Service

Any Magenta iT Solution SaaS product is an chance to save significant cash, power and time on the software you need. You do not need to buy costly servers, machinery, Multi-User Tally Licenses, Anti-Viruses, Additional HDDs / SSDs to back up your information, MS Office Licenses and much more.

There is no need to obtain excessive program & hardware burden to organize its operation (only computers with Internet access are required). This strategy will also optimize the employees of the company.

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