Website Hosting

Magenta iT Solution provides hosting to its customers either on the international platform or on-site. The website hosting withMagenta iT Solution is committed to ensuring that at any specified moment the hosting environment of the solution of its client is well managed and preserved. We provide the hosting facilities in both your preferred cloud hosting service and in our data center on site.

We can also host your website with Azure, AWS and Google Cloud on Cloud Applications. We also assist with server configuration, database migration, load balancing and remote Bahrain application maintenance facilities.

Our committed and licensed specialists in the cloud setting can assist you run your internet company and instruments like ERP, CRM, CMS or ECommerce pages and leave you in peace of mind.

Our team is capable of doing the following and more:

  • Develop Web or Mobile apps for cloud
  • Migrate apps and Data between standalone servers and cloud servers
  • Store, backup and retrieve databases
  • Configure web servers, Host websites, and apps
  • Host Large-scale Databases, Stream content and analytics